Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Grounds

Browsing around the www, I came across this simple, easy to use development board, which seemed just right for my project. As I've said in an earlier post, I want to reduce my efforts as much as possible, so this Arduino MEGA board was just what I was looking for, as it is built around a powerful enough microcontroller, the ATMega1280, it exposes all I/O pins (analog, digital, PWM etc), and has a simple, open-source programming language, as well as a pretty bare IDE which also allows you to upload the software via USB.

Could I ask for more?
Yes. I could wish for ready-made libraries for working with the serial port, PWM and such, but they are already there. And, as an open-source project, it benefits from continuous improvement from all over the world.

I forgot to mention that it's pretty cheap, too.


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    I have also Arduino board (Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino Sensor Shield V4) but I'm "stuck" in the software (I do not know programming),so if you will a little help and share software would be grateful!

    thank you very much


    if I need to buy Arduino MEGA I'll buy :), I have instrument cluster Audi A3 from the 98' but if I need to buy BMW E36 instrument cluster I'll buy :)

  3. Hello I would like to run the table in my pc car like yours BMW if I could help out but is upset or apaso step photos of how to put the cable and some await your response thanks

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  5. hello, wanted to know where you bought all the circuits and I would do it take to make it work because I'm doing a booth to play and not how to make it work this well explained but not dnd buy circuits and cables through and here I put my mail has that I forgot've done a very wueno and I hope you can help

  6. I'm interested in some project in my e46, and I'm wondering if you could help me...
    Do you have some knowledge about the IBUS (Tx/Rx commands from arduino to onboard devices) ???

  7. have you considered motion simulation? You can get a DIY kit from SimXperience for pretty low proces relative to other options out there

  8. salut mar interesa si pe mine unul am deja volan cam cat mar costa??

  9. its possible write messages in lcd , using can protocol?