Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beginning

The saga begins...

... with this instrument cluster which I've just bought, stripped right down from a '92 BMW 325i (E36 model).

I have already figured out the pinout (thanks to some googling), and hardwired it to an ATX power source donated by my late PC.


  1. good morning, I would like to know the pinout of the instrument cluster because i want to use it on grid game thank you a lot

    Pinto José

  2. Hi there. Similar to the previous commenter, I am also seeking the pinout for this cluster. I'm converting my E36 to an electric car and want to drive the cluster from an Arduino. I haven't had any luck with google so far and am hoping you can share what you've found. Cheers,

  3. As it seems the original author isn't updating this anymore, I'll post this here for others wanting to do the same thing:

    On an E36 gauge cluster:
    Power (+12v):
    Connector 1 (White), pins 22 and 23
    Connector 2 (Blue), pins 5 and 16
    Connector 1, pin 24
    Connector 2, pin 3

    Tach: connector 1, pin 20
    Speedo: connector 3 (Black), pin 4
    Fuel level: connector 3, pin 1 and 3, 20-500 ohm resistance
    Coolant temp: connector 2, pins 17 and 18, 270-10k ohm resistance

    That should get you started. My cluster is from a 1998 model.