Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finally Assembled

After almost two years of keeping the dashboard around, I've finally taken the time to assemble it:


  1. Looks great. Any plans to make it interface with iRacing?

  2. Hey m8 =) One question 4 the project, did you do the scripts to the gauges/lights ureself? im going to make one JUST like ure's. got the instrument from a Bmw E36 95mod stationwagon.

    Can u please help me to find the things i need to buy to get this cluster working? =)

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Evensen

  3. Good job, I found your article on ProTV I Like IT section, a nice project, personally I want to emulate it using a Logithech G27 or similar with a VFD display from a Toyota Prius or Renault Scenic which is much more easy to drive.

    Now you just have to put the stick shifter in place and mount a car stereo in the hole above the climate controls to enjoy a more realistic driving experience :)

  4. Hi Alex!

    We love your dashboard simulator; and we have a connected car app that fits on a dashboard and we need to buy a completed dashboard simulator.

    Would you consider selling this? Name your price...

    you can contact me at: or 416 979 5000 x 2889

  5. hey Alex, i would like to make a dashboard too but i don't have the schematics and the arduino software, could you please help me out??

    i have some programming knowledge!..
    my email is

  6. I really need this in my life, and for work. I need to simulate a vehicle speed signal. and would just like to know how you recreated the signal and if possible, how to control it mechanically like with a pot , I am building a basic box that will give out car signals, like indicators, high beam, ext, the only thing missing is the Vehicle Speed Signal(VSS)

    Hope you can Help.

  7. Hi,
    i have also an E36 Gauge, can do you tell me the wiring for the speedometer. I cant get it right on the 3 plugs by myself...


  8. Welcome
    Could you describe the pins located on the clocks, because I do not know how to connect it. Could storzyć a guide on how to do it. I have a cockpit of BMW e36, clocks and arduino, but do not know how to connect it. Please reply